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Ryan’s 21st Birthday Lunch

We went to Round Table for Ryan’s 21st birthday at lunch today, and drank a lot of beer. It was fun. Just like the “good ol’ days” at 2Advanced.

Pounding beers with Sonny and Ryan

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Sonny pounds a pitcher

Use Vobbo for Video Blogs

Pounding Maple Syrup

April, 2004.

It was my last day of work at 2Advanced (or so I thought)… so I decided to take this “challenge”. I got $50 for finishing the syrup, and an extra $20 bonus for finishing it in 30 seconds.


Ever wonder when the best time to buy tickets is for your upcoming trip? Check out this site, Farecast. It’s got lots of AJAX-ey dials and knobs and you can use to find the tickets you’re looking for, and then it will plot a graph of prices for those tickets over the past few months. I’ll definitely check this out next time I’ve got a big trip I’m planning.

Farecast via Sound Money Tips

Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane logo

Totally exceeded my expectations, but still wasn’t close to its potential. I’ve HAD IT with these MOTHAFUCKIN SNAKES on this MOTHAFUCKIN PLANE!

Don’t hate!

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