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8th Annual Wisconsin Summer

We did it again; for the 8th consecutive summer, my friends and I had a successful trip to the north woods of Wisconsin. This year we had Scott, Casey, Trev, and Corey, who all flew up in the Bowen’s Cessna; Buras surprised us by taking a last minute flight to Madison and driving north; and Marisa and I flew into Chicago, drove up for the weekend, then spent a few days in the city afterwards.

Wisconsin Sunset

All in all, it was a great trip. Because we have a tradition of having at least one or two injuries each year, I decided to get that out of the way early by taking a hot shard of glass in the leg. We were drinking beer and sitting around a campfire the first night when we started playing with the fire, trying to melt beer bottles in it and stuff. Then someone had the brilliant idea of pouring some water into a beer bottle then screwing the cap back on, and putting that in the fire. Casey and I decided that was a bad idea and we went inside to get more beer, rather than waiting for the thing to explode or whatever.. unfortunately, when we came back out it hadn’t exploded yet and we had forgotten all about it. Moments later there was a huge CRACK and pieces of glass went flying everywhere. Luckily my leg got the worst of it (see photo below), but some shards came dangerously close to Marisa’s eyes.

Cleaning my cut Cleaning the cut

I think we were spared from any major injuries after that point. The weather was perfect and we had a great time on the lake wakeboarding, tubing, and cruising in the pontoon boat. Scott took us up in the Cessna for an aerial tour of the north woods; it was really cool seeing our lake and house from the air, but sadly I didn’t bring my camera.

Feasting on Mom’s cooking:
Sitting down to eat

Red White and Blue Pontooning Boys on the Pontoon

Fun on the lake:
Prepare for Liftoff Tube Pyramid Super Tube Tackle Trev standing up I can wakeboard! Trev can wakeboard too! Casey stylin' Scotty on the wakeboard Scott almost lands big air Buras on the wakeboard

Marisa and I drove back to Chicago on Labor Day, through heavy traffic and pouring rain (once we got into Illinois there was a huge storm). We had a great time seeing the city, going to a Cubs game, and eating delicious deep dish pizza, thanks to our great hosts, Mark and Renee.

More pictures are on my Flickr account.