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Mail Handler: Simple form-mail with attachments

I put together this script for my friend huphtur and figured it was worth posting so other people could use it. It’s very customizable but requires you to configure all of the fields you’ll be using and create a template for the email message. Here’s the quick readme.txt I put together:


This is a simple formmail tool that is fairly customizable and works with attachments. Instructions:

Create a form and point it at mail-handler.php.

Edit mail-handler.php to call out field names and types (string, text, email, file), specify which fields are required, and configure the message. $formvars should call out all fields being sent from the form, and their types. $required should contain an array of fields required before the message will be sent. $email contains the actual email configuration, including template filename, To:, From:, Cc:, Bcc:, which files to attach, and where to direct the browser on success or failure.

Create a message template. mail-handler.php will automatically replace text such as %name% with a form variable called ‘name’ if it is specified in the configuration. It also includes %remote_ip% and %date% by default.

Cross your fingers and try it out.

View on Github: php-simple-mail-handler on Github
Download: simple-php-mail-handler latest ZIP

test.php (in the .tar.gz) is the sample form.

Flash Player 9 in Linux

Looks like Linux is finally getting some love from Adobe/Macromedia! After being stuck with a bug-ridden Flash Player 7 for years, they’ve stepped up and put out a beta version of Flash Player 9 for Linux. I have yet to try it, but it looks promising. More and more sites are moving up to Flash 8, and now (hopefully) we’ll be rid of the terrible audio-video synchronization issues that the Linux version of Flash 7 has always had.

Edinburgh for New Years

Hogmanay fireworks My cousins Scott and Casey have been planning a trip to Scotland for New Years. When they first told me a few months ago, I didn’t think much of it because I don’t have much vacation time with my new job and don’t have much extra money thanks to buying lots of toys. Then, a few days ago, Casey told me a little more.. apparently this is the biggest and best New Year’s party in the world. It’s an annual tradition called Hogmanay. Basically what happens is they sell about 100,000 tickets to this event, then a few days before New Years they shut down the city and only let people in who have tickets.. and everyone parties for days. Perfect, sign me up, fly me to Europe and give me a few bottles of scotch. It’ll be even more fun because we have 10 people going and we’re going to rent a flat in the city for the week. Marisa and I bought our tickets yesterday.

Golden Poop Cellphone Charm

Only in Japan! Check out Strapya’s English site to buy these awesome little turd charms. Apparently “poop” and “good luck” are kind of similar in the Japanese language. Don’t ask me, I don’t speak Japanese. I did order a few of these though.

golden poop charm

golden poop on pillow

Via Gizmodo