Monthly Archives: February 2007

Tokyo with 2A

Went to Tokyo last week/weekend for business, and had a good time.. the last night Kevan and I went out and got shitfaced, just walking around and going to random bars in Shibuya. It was a good time; wasn’t too happy the morning after though. We stayed out as long as the bars stayed open, which was about 4am.. then Kevan passed out in the bathroom. Only got a few photos from the night though.

dinner in ebisu 2 boylston bourbon bar scotch bar in shibuya mike and kevan in shibuya reggae bar (no flash) mike and kevan in shibuya reggae bar shibuya reggae bar kevan and mike look unhappy

Scotland NYE 2007

I know it’s a bit late but I thought I’d post some photos.. I went on a trip to Scotland over the holidays (Dec 25-Jan 1) with Marisa and a few friends from Omaha. I posted a bunch of pictures on my Flickr page: Edinburgh New Years.

Edinburgh Skyline Guinness Moustache Piggy Back At the bar Standing Order Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

It was a great trip, and the first time I’d been to Europe. Damn, people in Scotland talk really fast. It’s very hard to understand and usually we had to tell people to slow down. The weather was pretty crappy and the main event, the Hogmanay street party, was cancelled due to gale force winds, but we still had a great time. The thing I miss most: the delicious cask ales they serve everywhere.