Monthly Archives: January 2009

Email masking with Javascript

Really simple code for hiding your email address:

<a href="" onclick="this.href=this.href.replace(/-at-/,'@')"> email me </a>

Probably lots of other, better ways around but this is easy enough to remember without needing to search every time.

Pretty sweet that I didn’t post all of 2008 and now I’ve posted two days in a row huh?

Developing iPhone Software

I’ve recently started writing iPhone Software and it is a frustrating yet satisfying process. Objective-C is an interesting language and was actually a lot of fun to learn. The Cocoa Touch SDK seems more frustrating because there is somewhat of a lack of example code and open source software due to the Apple’s iPhone NDA that was recently lifted. Thankfully Apple’s documentation is fairly complete and there are a few great resources such as Jeff LaMarche’s iPhone Development Blog.

I hope to start releasing some simple free apps and maybe even a more complex game or application in the near future. I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head but if you’ve got something in mind that you’d like to see on the iPhone, please drop me a line.

iPhone Programming Resources:

  • “The Hillegass Book”: Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X. Not specific to Cocoa Touch, but this is a great introduction to the Objective C language and the Cocoa framework (which is very similar to Cocoa Touch)
  • Apple’s iPhone Dev Center has lots of sample code and full documentation of Cocoa Touch and other Apple frameworks
  • Jeff LaMarche’s iPhone Development Blog is a great resource and has some interesting OpenGL demos with sample code